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Monday, January 08, 2007

How do you decipher not-so-positive signs from a girl?

normal time= hard to decipher
some time= harder to decipher
most of the time= hardest to decipher

No one really knows what she means.... in fact, in my experience, even the girl HERSELF sometimes dunno what she means. Funny as it may sound, but it's true. Guys and girls work differently.

Guys very logical one. "I like you as a friend" means "I like you as a friend"

Girls on the other hand..... "I like you as a friend" means

a) "hmm.... I like him, but I dunno as a friend, or more than that, but if I tell him is more than a friend, he will get the wrong idea... better tell him, like him as a friend. but on the other hand, he's quite sweet and nice.... but then I dunno....."

b) "oh god.... he's definitely not my type... better not hurt his feelings.... say something diplomatic."

c) "oh god.... he likes me! but I better not be too easy or eager... better tell him friend first. test his sincerity. if he likes me, he won't give up..."

d) I had better choice, maybe Mr. X (who is richer and much handsome) will ask me be his gf soon..... Juz kip you as my friend, till my choice fails~!

Take your pick. I have met all 3 types of responses in my experience.

Confusing right? After all these yrs, I still can't figure girls out.

If you're really sincere about her, seriously hor, not play play for fun test waters.... then keep trying to win her over. Coz she may be option C. after a while, if no response, then move on, coz it's a case of Option B.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

quite tru la...

there might be a 5th one

I like him, but i dunno if work out, i scared he later leave me,
if i tell him i like him, later i never treat him good lei?, or even worse he nvr treat me good lei? how?


11:08 PM  

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