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Monday, January 10, 2011

Exorbitant Car Price

A year ago when car prices are hovering at rock bottom prices, my brother 5 year old black vios was priced at 23K only. Today a similar car of that cost 31K, driving has become a luxury thing that young yuppies could no longer afford easily. Although we have a so called robust & reliable public transport, owning a car will still beat the public transport traveling time in most cases.

Shortly after i took over the orange pica, my brother was offloading his sporty vios to a shiny Civic. The monthly installment between a 1 litre pica and 1.6 vios is a mere $30! Don't ask me why didn't i pick the 1.6 litre, it was painful to see it slipped away : (

No complaints lah, owning a car in sg is good enuff. Sports car or small car stuck in jam is still the same. If there's a need for speed, i can always borrow my brother civic for a ride.

Although many people feels that owning a car in singapore is a liability, the money can be better used at investment savings holidays etc... As long as you don't have to compromise your living standard to budget eating bread water online movies coffeeshops cheat parking save fuel etc... Live your life to the fullest and get your appropriate ride proportional to your earnings. Some of my friends are aiming for Golf and Civic which i haven't have any plans for upgrade yet. Just be contented at the meantime.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lunch Time Vivo Shopping

Okie i wrote a bunch of paragraphs last night but blogger screwed me up and didn't save the draft, so im back to square 1 again. Since im currently alone facing hundreds of computer systems in a very cold place, shall take abit of time off and put words into the blog.

Managed to fulfill my checklist at yesterday lunch.

- Applied for UOB one card, sales dude was pushy to persuade to sign up for 60k signature card, but no thanks

- Applied for vivocity membership which can redeem free parking with purchase

- Bought a grey blazer at topshop for 50% discount !

- Bought a hat at $43, i think im impulsive.

Went back to office and worked fanatically without teakbreak until 630pm. Dinner with my table tennis khaki at Long House chicken rice, had played many games with her but was my 1st time having meal with her. Had her accompany until 9pm for my piano lesson, played symphony no94 and home sweet home. A typical day.

Ok more pics when i return home !
PS : This post is meaningless haha, one can do silly things when left alone.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Hoola 2011

Welcome 2011 and back to office on a Monday. Started the work day with a smack, yup table tennis training resumes on every Monday. Last year came close to winning the title, we are gonna get back to our winning ways and claim the king of science park haha (what a small title this is). There are other competition going on but the Ascendas game is the one we have most confident.

Oh yes i travelled to Genting/KL over the new year. Not many pictures taken because there is really nothing much to capture, i prefer my holiday(casino?) trip to be stress-free and relax. Dislike the feeling of having a camera to shoot every now and then.

New year has begun, time to put down some resolution and work towards it.
No change is bad, changes for the better is good : )

Friday, December 24, 2010


The most commonly received presents are chocolates. While some may be delicious and doesn't come cheap, the most appreciated gift i have is a personalized hand-written message. Gifts need not cost a bomb or something fanciful, it just have to be sincere and come from the heart : )

Tml is Xmas day and we celebrate the return of TJH from his oversea's studies, look forward to the gathering at claudia house!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Xmas 2010

Normally i would have slept @ this hour and especially feeling dead tired after my intensive music lesson. My teacher is really pushing me hard to the extreme, yes she admitted it at the end of today lesson seeing that i am making good progress. Now feeling the body ache despite playing the piano which using only the fingers, there are some keys that are to played such that awkward body movement is required(maybe me only oops).

Ok why am i still asleep is because i am waiting my dear friend Mr Loo to return my car keys : (
While his Honda Fit is parked right under my block, some exchange program going on again ... I figure out that blogging might be a better way to kill time than surfing forums.

In another week 2010 will be over (i miss 2010 because even number sounds good), looking back the months what have you achieved ? Recapping the things i did, shall list down to serve as good reminder and plan for new year resolution.

1. Got a car although i never really wanted in the first place.
2. Learn about car maintenance and basic modification knowledge, something which i'm always interested before i own a car, tuning of ECU, Cold air-intake, heatshield and the list goes on and on ...
3. Got a piano in my room
4. Started snapmemories and produced the first assignment DVD
5. Promoted @ work
6. Organised company Dinner and Dance
7. Received good appraisal for work performance
8. Planted my first pot of flower ( haha i know this is irrelevant )
9. Invested something for 5 figure
10. Driving up to Genting for roadtrip ( setting off on 31st with a Subaru Impreza to "conquer" NSHW )

Of cos there are other happenings but shall leave them out in the picture : )
Look my flower is blossoming again !

My first xmas gift from ...

My music teacher : )

May you had a fulfilling 2010 year as well, now enjoy the festive mood and plan for new year targets : )

Monday, December 20, 2010

First Production DVD

After a month of hardwork, our masterpiece is finally ready for delivery. As the client is an elite childcare company, we had to meet the expectation and deliver the results. From photography, videography, design, mass production, costing, there were many details which we need to take care. Though there was some minor hicups, but we managed to produce a satisfactory end product. For sure the next assignment we will leverage our gained experience and do a better job, there is always room for improvement. Ok gotta deliver to goods and collect $$$, well done Team Snapmemories : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Customer Service

After a lazy Saturday, it's time for me to indulge into materialistic alittle bit with the spare cash. Drove down to orchard ION and limit myself to stay there for 2 hours for "damage control". Walked into the "branded" boutique but im not very pleased with the service. There were at least 3 staff idling around and waiting to be approached. Attitude abit bo chap except 1 sales girl who puts on smile on her face but apparently she only in charge of the other half of the store. Means when choosing clothes, she won't be around to attend my request. Only when i come out from the changing room, she will ask if it fits.

Since i do not have the luxury to walk over to another outlet in shaw tower, just pay the money and leave the place quickly. I thought upmarket store should provide better service? Another disappointing encounter at Uniqlo, picked a pair of socks to the counter only to be told minimum purchase is 2 pair. It's not even a promotional item, dumb marketing huh. I think these days they treat customer for granted, when i purchased i-pad and i-pod nano at epi center, i didn't receive "vip" treatment also. I thought they would treat me as big customer, maybe if i order 10 sets of ipad without batting an eyelid, they would change their attitude to $_$, yes sir how can i help you ?