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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lunch Time Vivo Shopping

Okie i wrote a bunch of paragraphs last night but blogger screwed me up and didn't save the draft, so im back to square 1 again. Since im currently alone facing hundreds of computer systems in a very cold place, shall take abit of time off and put words into the blog.

Managed to fulfill my checklist at yesterday lunch.

- Applied for UOB one card, sales dude was pushy to persuade to sign up for 60k signature card, but no thanks

- Applied for vivocity membership which can redeem free parking with purchase

- Bought a grey blazer at topshop for 50% discount !

- Bought a hat at $43, i think im impulsive.

Went back to office and worked fanatically without teakbreak until 630pm. Dinner with my table tennis khaki at Long House chicken rice, had played many games with her but was my 1st time having meal with her. Had her accompany until 9pm for my piano lesson, played symphony no94 and home sweet home. A typical day.

Ok more pics when i return home !
PS : This post is meaningless haha, one can do silly things when left alone.


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