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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hot Monday

What a hot monday this is, i can vow for this because i wasn't staying in the air conditioned office. Took half day leave to rest as my cold is getting worse, but somehow i still need to run some errand hence got the opportunity to experience the warm weather. Quickly send my camera for servicing, da bao famous ang gu kuah, top up brake fluid foc, changed rim and tyre, wrap carbon fibre sticker, purchase little accessories and head back home. Glad to fully "utilise" my half day but on the other hand, im not feeling any better after popping down the pills.

Completed a production with the fellow snapmemories dudes, however the aftermath is the chore. Editing raw pics and video plus cover design, there's many more work to be done...

Oops, seems like the post is getting shorter.
Blame the weatherman haha, ok i know it's not funny =p


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