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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Long Weekend !

Hi Peeps. As you can notice i'm beginning to fail my SLA (service level agreement) to make a blog post everyday. Getting busier lately, but i feel that my time are worth for the things i planned out. The time right now is 2am, had a great time with Claudia and Lawrence chill out at Liquid Cafe follow by some mischievous act at Seletar Reservoir. We did not go there to make out but instead disturb those shaking cars and shining torch at them. I know it's very immoral to do that, but trust us we only do this like once in a decade. Feel like going back to 20's when we were so ignorant. Yo TJH you reading this? =D

JB night with the buddies, can you recongise them? Hasn't change abit do they ?

Mr loo is always keen to swap cars for a day drive to experience different car performance. Colleagues thought i changed car, but amused when they found out the truth haha. And he's already planning to swap car with yp next monday, any interested parties to exchange his "zhng" honda fit may contact him.

Holiday for most, i will be out of town for site survey. When i come back i will need to buy sand for the plants, ok this is so random. Brain not functioning well at this timing. Oh somebody is complaining about me on facebook because i couldn't make it for the movie, is there a need to do so? Can't be bothered haiz...


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