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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shop N Run

Just a couple of weeks ago i caught up with my radiographer(not photographer) friend at the New-water plant located in Changi for sight-seeing. Guided tour are available at selected timing, there was only 6 persons attending the tour. Despite the low turnout, the guide maintained his professionalism and explained the process of turning dirty water into portable water. To sum it up, the new water plant works by filtering waste water not once but twice, and lastly flow through UV rays to kill any bacteria. And finally mix them into the reservoir that flows into our tap (with a ratio of 10% newater and 90% rainwater).

Next we head over to expo to check out random mega sales and little would i expect to witness a drama. As i was coming out from the John-Little sales hall with bags of crackers, few men were giving chase to a man who was heading towards the carpark. The man with huge bags, remotely disarm his car doors and hop on to his Honda Stream. Ignite engine and drove off before the security guards could reach him (just 2 seconds late).

After that i overheard that the guy only paid few items and smuggle the whole bag of items out of the expo hall. Though he managed to escape, but his car=plate number gave him away. Seriously what is wrong with this kind of people, got money to drive car but no money to shop at John-Little sale. You can cheat carpark coupons but stealing is unforgivable.

So dinner was settled at Expo Food court. Spotted the legendary Lau Fu Zi Char Kway Tiao but flavour lost to the original old airport stall.

This is the real deal


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