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Saturday, January 23, 2010

In the Midst of Reservist

Managed to pass my IPPT for current window period despite not having adequate exercise during the in camp training for body conditioning. At least i have a piece of mind till the next window period not worrying about attending remedial training that takes up bulk of free time. But i reckon it's gonna be tougher each year, accustom to typical officer worker lifestyle will lead to lack of physical fitness. Attending RT will be the worst nightmare for me, hope i will be able to maintain the fitness to pass the test every year.

Tarts baked by Belle, Jamie has a share as well. Gonna bring this to camp tomorrow to share with buddies for teabreak.I think i have put on some weight over the past week, the good thing about army is you can be sure they feed you pretty well.

Orange Pikachu will be back next month, it's been sometime since i drove it. You guys might have the chance to sit it again, let me work out the sums with my sister before making the decision.

Also will be selling away my Panasonic Cameras after the Sentosa private event shoot. Anybody keen to own the cameras and shoot like a pro ? Otherwise they will be up for grabs in the forum, it definitely won't be a problem to offload these 2 awesome camera. It's hard to find fault with them, just that i might be getting something else (or might not) to suit my appetite.


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