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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Noise Photography Critique Session

The Noise Photography Critique Session is my first photography workshop since picking up the camera couple of years ago. Selected presenters will showcase 10 best picture they produced to impress the professional reviewers, obviously they are not going to be easily pleased unless your picture possesses an "X" factor.

At Republic Poly

Two female photographers spotted, anticipating their works.
Played with macro while waiting ...

A perfectly timed shot on a bird taking flight, or was the bird limping ? Nevertheless it's a great shot in my opinion.

Innocent cats, they are lovely. But it's something we commonly see and the picture does not tell much of a story.

Beautiful streaks of colour zooming past Robinson Quay, many must be wondering how to achieve this effect. I'm impressed by the lady, this is unique.

Next comes another industrial female photographer sharing her exotic art work.

More boring work appeared towards the end, poor composition with non visible expression from the skaters and a distracting cone in the middle. Deserved a tongue lashing from the judges heh.

Oh i didn't take part in the presentation as i feel that I'm not up to the "mark" yet. But it was certainly beneficial participating as an observer, to learn how to brush up your composition before the shutter is clicked. Next time before you press the shutter, think of how your picture is going to tell a story. They say pictures are worth a million words, only if it's properly composed.

But what still puzzled me is that why are people willing to fork out $$$ for models to pose in lingerie in a secluded corner ? If you are a serious genuine photographer then i guess your friends would not mind to be your model. Perhaps it's publicly known pervert to their friends, therefore they turned to paid service. Afterward what are they gonna do with the pictures, sit back relax at their desk drinking coffee and fantasize ? And the model happily collects their token and add expansion to their LV or Longchimpanzee bag collection, so i reckon it's a win win situation anyway.

Personal preference with lingerie on, not me

You can born pretty and have a no-brainer job at car show.

Swarmed by tiko peh uncles when you "unknowingly" displayed your assets.

And cry innocent after that, but at least you made it to the headlines, congrats !

Having said all that, my wish is to do a back-to-school shoot, for a friend of course => Wait till i get my hands on my first DSLR ...

In the name of Art, chio hor ?


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i dont believe genuine photographer exists in this world...

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