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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update After the Boomz

What's next after the boomz saga ? Yup i got my PC up and running at the expense of my coffers ;( By buying an entirely new setup, it's the fastest way to get-out-of-jail card rather than troubleshooting the components and replacing the faulty one, though im quite sure it's the CPU that's burned. But i decided that my affair with AMD has ended as she has been throwing tantrum occasionally like a girlfriend does.

Recently i have been kindly reminded to update this neglected lonely blog, thanks for your loyalty visit but there's heart stopping adventure that i could share with all. Life has been pretty routine occupied with photoshoots, makan session, JB trips and lastly work of course. Nevertheless it's time that this blog deserve some pictures and words, i will try my best to make it interesting... And nope im not going to add salt to the boomz saga, i think it's despicable to be in the limelight by making fun of someone else, well she's had enough attention ...

I received this belated birthday card from a friend, definitely not something i expected to have for a working adult. Because i always assume that this is more common while schooling, thanks for the effort anyway ; )

Halloween night dinner is coming, been in the organising committee i was "forced" to dress up to spook people. Let's see how that will turn out to be, should be fun and hilarious i guess. The design of the poster is nice so i took one of the lying-around-coffee-table copy back home to upload online.

Beside's doing practical shoot, i love to read up on the tips and tricks from the magazines so as to improve on my skill. I'm still trying to convince myself to shoot in raw format, probably it's time to do so since my storage capacity has just been upgraded by a whopping 500GB. There's even extra space for me to experiment the latest Windows 7, cool hur !

Again another belated present received, at this point of time i have yet to reveal it but i thought of taking a picture for fun.

I bought a matching keyboard for my computer, initially though of using it for my desktop but it doesn't feel quite comfortable for gaming use. So it's going to be cold-storage with the netbook, i seldom use it unless required during travel. They do look compatible !

Yeah i had potatoes for lunch today, tasty treats at very affordable price ! The dining experience was made complete when the lady boss asked did we like the food and greeted us off with a smile. In return she received two thumbs up from us and we happily stepped out from Potato Heaven. I always love patronizing heartland little cafe for small bites, it doesn't cost an arm or a leg and it's just walking distance from home.

Hola, my cactus doesn't seem to be in good health, Tiga must spend more effort in nurturing her liao.

Last but not least, i am hooked by the show Destination Truth. It's by far one of the greatest ghost buster shows produced on television, no more crappy lengthy interviews and fake directed scenes. This is about getting down to ground operation and get real. Equipped with latest technology gadget, they stake out different location of the world in search of mystical creature and paranormal sightings. You can check out this episode of the island of dolls, super creepy and a doll actually opened it's eye by it's own !!!


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