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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stakeout at Elite District

Ever heard of the road name Taman Nakhoda ? Strange name but there are actually many other road names which you would never come across unless for a specific purpose. Do you know that such road has exotic houses built there are as big as a football field with a garage full of super sports car. To own such ultra luxury properties in SG is simply "crazy", it seems so beyond the reach for commoners, even striking toto wouldn't get any near to their wealth.

I almost forgot to mention the reason to be in that area. Notice there is a blue roof top house at the right hand side of the picture ? It has been abandoned for nearly a century, there are alot of stories behind the house that makes it even interesting. Somehow the access route to it was heavily chained and there was no other way we could take.

End up we found ourselves at Dempsey Hill for night snack, perhaps we should heed the elderly advice to stay away from allegedly "haunted places". Not a fail mission i would say, at least we had a great time observing the super cars (Ferrari, Posh, GTR, Audi etc) zooming at Holland Road.

The gathering of elites, jealous loh.


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