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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Shop N Save for National Day

While the lucky chosen ones have the chance to catch the NDP preview at the floating Marina Stage celebrating the independent day, i have a fair share as well by boasting the economy at Orchard ION. In conjunction with the National Day, the carrier they provided were in red and white symbolizing our National colour. Now comes the real deal, the stores had collaboration with the NDP committee such that shoppers get to enjoy discount up to 44% on all regular items ! Wait don't get so excited yet, if only this is true then ION would be swarming with tons of Kiasu Shoppers. The secret deal is only extended to staff of participating outlets, simply to say you need friends who had link with the retail outlet to enjoy the exclusive deal. A big thanks goes to Jamie Leong for making my Shop N Save motto possible : ) By the time when Singapore celebrate it 100th year of independent, what kind of promotions will the shops be churning out ?

On a sidenote, i did a google search on Shop N Save and found out that it's actually under the umbrella coperation of Cold Storage. I always thought that it is a standalone supermart that has the 2nd worst store layout of all (my vote for worst goes to sing song). To think that Shop N Save actually has the financial backing of Cold Storage, they should hire more pretty/hot mums like Vivien Lai, Huang Biren, Pan Ling Ling as their spokes housewife.

Beside having a splendid superficial day at Orchard ION, my very kawaii niece and nephew came over my place to invade my room and computer. It wouldn't do justice if i don't post their adorable pictures here.

Last but not least, showcasing few pictures i took at my Robertson Quay walk last friday after work. The after photography program should have been more interesting than drinking at 7-11, I would have crashed the party at Zouk or dbl o if not for my friend inappropriate attire.

Have a jolly good week ahead !
Strictlyeuro xoxo (learned from anna, gonna irritate you guys with more xoxoxoxo heh)

Saw The Veronicas performing on Miss USA 09, hope this video cures your monday blue.


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