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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shooting Fireworks from Ground Zero

I'm hamstrung by the fact that it's impossible to take decent pictures of fireworks under the following condition.

1) Handheld without tripod
2) Equipped with a non DSLR ( i'm trying to debunk this fact)
3) Lack of experience
4) Too amaze by the fireworks that you rather enjoy than to shoot

After going through the first day of wonderful display by Crackers? The World Famous, i'm not going to commit the same mistake again. Instead of posting spectacular trails of fireworks, i'm gonna upload from user perspective point of view.

At the entrance, the lady using the loud speaker,
"guys what are you waiting for, come in !"

Humorous crew, see it for yourself at the scene

Gigantic inferno in the middle

Batman !

This is call playing with fire, or sparkler man

Burning works at the ground

Typically NDP fireworks display

Grand finale turned the night into smoky day !

Starry night

Wheel of fire !

She's still enjoying, admirable professionalism

Do come down and experience the show accompany with story about getting out of comfort zone and taking risk. It's not a plain show shooting crackers into the sky, there will be surprises time to time in different segments, words cant describe but it will be an awesome show for all.

That's about it for the moment, do catch me at the high floor HDB tonight shooting from a bird eye view. Special guest will be joining me for the shoot tonight and she's a lady gagaga. Lastly some miscellaneous picture which i was requested to put up here, there you go.


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