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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

@ Tiong Bahru FC

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Helloooo, the last update seem quite awhile huh. Anyway there are 6 posts in this month, never mind if some of them are short. The next post will come in alittle while say next week which is November. Been pretty busy lately with after work core circular activity (healthy sports not the kind that you think !), also accompany tifi through her stressful exam period.

As you can see the next post will be based on the above picture, can you guess where is it ?
Guess harder ! The toilet got fish tank one so prominent !

Friday night will be having photoshoot at Tanjong Rhu again, will post the pictures up if they are good. Hmm my blog is losing it's magical charm haha, but i don't care heh ...

This is @ Tanjong Rhu
The last time we went she wasn't even my girlfriend yet.

Now the time is 11.30pm, see i don't have time/energy to blog :(
As usual tomorrow will be a long day stretching to 8pm ~

Trip to Tanjong Rhu went accordingly as planned =) Followed by a walk at East Coast Park to enjoy the sea breeze since we had the whole night long.

Crossing the bridge

Based on the above picture you might wanna assume that it's taken at some air conditional food court but it's not. It's a modern hawker center decorated with beautiful ceiling lights to make it look "high class". At here you will find all "famous" store come under one roof, thus it will be hard to decide which store to patronize.

Lightings to create food court style
One fine example that stood out from the crowd is the "Rob Stall" ( in chinese ), the decorations and photos were so prominent that no one would not miss it, especially attracted first time eaters like us.

After tasting it's soup, all we can say is ... Normal loh ! If you can find a soup prawn mee that Wows you, that would probably be the best in Singapore, because almost all are normal standard. The die die must try food is the curry chicken, just the right amount of spicyness and sweetness. Soak it with bread and there you go, taste better than chewing up the pieces of chicken breast meat, full level of shiokness !

Venturing into "foreign" places gives the same excitement as visiting haunted places, you never know what's expecting you, sometimes disappoints or rewards you. Now that the situation doesn't permit me to go for anymore adventures, will have to pin more hope on food exploration in the future.

Couple of more pictures of Tiong Bahru Food Center.

Dead body spotted !

Seriously i don't know how long more i can blog, things aren't the same after we all graduated and started working. I feel that my blog is really screwed ... Let's see : )


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I didnt know you can take rather GOOD photos dude! Great one!

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