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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Recession : Time to Jumptrack

It's time for the rough ride, the crashing of stock market has caused Singapore to enter in a state of technical recession since year 2002. The pinch has already been felt from the increasing electricity bills and transport fare, perhaps year end bonus might be drastically cut down, civil servants not spared :(

Increasing cost of living and shortages of jobs might push unemployed rate to new high. To some Singaporeans who cannot stand this kind of stress will take the easy way out, commit suicide. There has been an increasing trend in recent years to jump track which prompted SMRT to install barriers at all non-underground stations. Therefore some would like to make it into the hall of shame before the installation of barriers, which ended up causing so much trouble for commuters and rescuers.

Everybody looked lost and dismay, some cursing the efficient of our world class transport failing to technical errors ( which is not the cause for disruption ). Commuters were advised to travel to marina bay via jurong east or by other means of transport such as bus or cab (super long queue). Most of the commuters stayed around hoping for the situation to improve, the train resumed to service after 45 minutes of disruption.

The victim (troublemaker) who apparently looked like a guy, seem to survive the suicide attempt and was quickly rushed to hospital. Curious bystanders surrounded the victim and needed the SCDF effort to make way through the crowd. I heard the MRT license plate appear in today's 4D draw but jumped digit haha... don ask me what number is it because i didn't take note.

What an awkward way to kickstart my saturday morning marred with bizarre accidents. Plans got a little delayed meeting my khakis at coca restaurant and ended my evening dinner at Changing Appetite with dearest tiffany, her treat !

From the Media
Man hit by train; services disrupted

Train services from Sembawang to Yio Chu Kang were disrupted for about half an hour yesterday after a man jumped onto the tracks and was hit by a train at Yishun MRT station.

The Chinese man in his late 40s was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and pronounced dead at about 1pm.

To maintain service on the unaffected stretches of the North-South Line during the incident, some southbound trains were turned around at Sembawang and Yio Chu Kang MRT stations.


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