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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Breakfast At Tiffany Whampoa

Ditch the regular neighbour coffeeshop or Chongpang market for routine breakfast, the hunt for the delicious food begins on Saturday morning at Whampoa Food Centre. The place might be less familiar to those who stay in the North and seldom step out of their comfort zone to venture. When it comes to places like the triple B (Bendemeer, Boon Keng, Balestier) and Whampoa, one can't help to associate it with aging population and not so modern estates. But you cannot disregard that the areas have some of the best hidden food gems that would send you to the heaven, then you would realize that the food market in the north is really crappy. Maybe grass is always greener on the otherside and i won't deny the fact because humans are programmed to think this way.

Welcome to Whampoa, not your usual neighbourhood
got this unique feeling running in the air

The newly revamped food market

Stalls spanning across

Making your food orders in a "foreign land" is always not so straight forward, there are so many choices to choose from and they all looks equally good. The layman way of doing is by judging the queue at the stall, though sometimes it will go wrong too.

$2 robert mee siam a hit !

Famous handmade mee occupying 2 stalls

Lau Fu Zi wanton mee
They got pay for the copyright or not ?

Brief review on the food, the mee is very Q and breaks easily without much chewing effort. Char siew is pretty much standard but the main selling point is the sauce combine with the mee. The only complain would be the serving is a bit small for hungry eater like me, otherwise it's recommendable to give it a try.


All time favourite, sweet and rich in flavour
Very nicely fried.

Eat in market don't drink coffee/tea
go for freshly brewed soya bean

At here you will find many stalls with naming convention like Tiong Bahru Chee Kuah, Tanglin fishball noodles, Whampoa You Tiao, Beach Road Fishhead mee etc, where all the famous delicacy comes under one roof. Then not to mention there is also comical Lau Fu Zi Wanton mee.

Dunk the you tiao into it !

After makan that's not the end, after all this is not your regular boring neighbourhood !

This amazing guy can write with his mouth

With his toes

Like that also can !
Got more stunts but never take pictures
Some rich uncle paid $50 for his artwork !

No wonder the performer beside him got so pissed and left ...

Up next visit to a park with a lake in the middle, a restaurant that resides beside the lake, where ? Not Bishan Park !


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