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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baybeats 08

Now what should i blog about if there's nothing particular interesting to share ? Alright shall blog about this event which i went over the weekends, both saturday and sunday because it was too good to be missed. Baybeats 08 held at the esplanade showcase good local band, regional and international, an opportunity to make their name well-known. The winners are of course the audience as Nokia is the main sponsored, it's a free event whereby everyone are welcome ! There maybe 2 concurrent performances at the outdoor so the audience can choose what kind of genre they prefer, be it english pop or canto pop.

The arena

The Powerhouse

There is a contest opened to the public to creatively design a headphone to promote Nokia new music flagship phones. We demonstrated our flair for art and draw out several designs just to get that handphone sock free gift, only if you at least hand in a decent design.

The good one's get pinned up

Check out our lame design
#1, very randomly inspired

#2, trying to be a exotic

#3, the patriotic guy
#4, the anime freak or otaku

Although we didn't win the contest, we got a free gift for participation, nobody's a loser in the end hahaha...

It's so meaningless to blog these days... Tml catching wall Eeeeeee, yupeeee... Just where exactly which direction my blog is heading towards now hmmm... sounds so contradicting.


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