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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Supper Escape to Malaysia Railway Station

Going through the custom to Malaysia is never a smooth experience even in the wee hours. Why is it that so many people are entering Malaysia at this hour when they should be asleep at home. The reason is mainly to enjoy delicious local fare and pump cheap petrol at the same time. The minimum 3 quarter tank full rule doesn't seem to deter Singaporeans from going through the trouble/time/money just to fill up the remaining 1 quarter tank (or is it 3 quarter empty), let's just assume that they don't mind saving a mere few dollars by crossing the boarder to get their needle pointing to F.

Petrol this days are a killer
Well it has always been

So how do we go into Malaysia territory without crossing the causeway ? There is actually a place in Singapore which belongs to Malaysia that sells authentic good food except a pump station displaying RM dollars is nowhere to be found. Never mind since petrol has fallen a record of 10 cents so the pinch won't feel that great.

Welcome to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Few actually would have notice the rundown building along Keppel Road, from the outside it seems like quiet abandoned station but inside is buzzed with supper patrons. There are a couple of stalls in the station itself (used to be outside but shifted in due to hygiene), mostly mend by true blue Malaysians. Sometimes when you ask them for the pricing, they will reply you in Bahasa Malaysia, huh limpek dak tahu !

Arrival Platform

Railway Station Canteen
Abang perfecting the chicken platter

Although the station is malaysia turf but the things here are still priced in SGP dollars. Still it's worth every penny considering that it serve what appears to be the best prata TJZ ever had in his life. Whereas for Ramly burger, it's a very nicely done neat burger when most of the time i would be annoyed by the juices oozing from all sides. This has just the right amount of sauce to keep the patter juicy without "dirtying" your makan experience.

Best prata commented by TJZ, i didn't sample so as not
to shatter his dream prata

Since you are in "Malaysia" means you gotta follow their law, pay 20 cents for the usage of toilet (a common practice in their country). Hello not RM 20 cent hor ! Managing toilet can also be a lucrative business, who knows some of them might be a toilet M-A-N-Y-Z-E-R.

Group photo at the station

Concluded the night at Clark Quay where we met 2 girls who tagged us. But you guys darn practical, judged them based on appearance and immediately retreat to somewhere. I bet it would be an entirely different scenario if they are ultra chiobu, welcome to the real world man.

Ok after the supper interval break we are really going into Dungeon and Dragons Part II this time. It will be a long wait but it's worth the wait haha !


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