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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Shotgun Marriage

Sibeh angry man, i received a call from my ex-uni classmate in the middle of the night asking me if i'm really getting married. Don't you find this post dubious duh ? Obviously the groom is not going to be me, i repeat again i DID NOT SHOTGUN ANYBODY ! Ok gotta go for work now zzz !

Updated, the bomb has been officially delivered to the intended recipients !

My world collapsed instantly when she dropped the biggest bombshell in my whole life. She looked into my eyes searching for an answer but there was none as my mind was in a whirlpool. Then there was a moment of awkward silence before i was hit back to the cold-hard reality again. Considering the fact that both of us are not financially stable, it couldn't have come at a bad timing.

I had just graduated from the university and yet to land myself a job in the not so optimism market, while she had completed her studies in the polytechnic and currently enjoying the honeymoon period. During the unemployed period, we would stay over each other house to send resumes online, after which everytime inevitably end up having sex. At first i thought it was safe to use the latest 0.03mm ultra thin condom which fits the humongous yellow banana, but i was proven wrong, dead wrong. No doubt it does feels invisible and look like one, safety was compromised in the process of love-making. Now i regretted deeply for using cheapo brand especially when safety comes first matters the most.

Everytime when i see this ad, i would be remind of my painful experience. How i wish i could turn back time to undo all my sinful actions, but there she is standing right in front of me stroking her bloated stomach. Since it is the point of no return, i told her "Let's get married.", while holding her hands firmly hoping that she would trust me for this once. She finally couldn't hold on and broke into tears, hugging me tightly as if i'm a tree. In my mind i was thinking "jialat lah, i am really into deep **** this time".

What is the standard market rate for a Chinese restaurant wedding that falls on an awkward tuesday ?


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