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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Khatib Bongsu Sexposed

On an afternoon without rain, we headed out to Khatib Bongsu off ave 6 to explore the beauty of nature, the 2 flabby guys who have been staring too much computer screen could use the exercise too. It was widely reported that the place is going to be sealed off by SAF as a training ground, it can be very disappointing to lose another nature place for us to learn about biology and culture. But the news of the closure was last heard a year ago, what is the development now ? Today we were there for a purpose; to check out the status of the place.


Around the area there are dormitory distanced away from common HDB to house foreign workers mostly bangla. On friday evening you would find hordes of them drinking, dancing, cooking and playing cricket on the field. So far they haven't cause any disturbance to the neighbourhood so everybody's fine with it, let the party carry on, cook more curry !


A shortcut behind the dormitory will lead us to Khatib Bongsu in 5 minutes. Saves the effort of walking through rocky terrain from the main entrance, we always love shortcut don't ya. Do note that you are going to suffer at least dozen of mosquito bites by bashing through the forest, shorts, slippers, singlets made things worse.


There is a bridge to link the outside world to khatib bongsu, i'm not sure if SAF had used explosive to blow up the bridge to prevent authorized access.

Taken a year ago

Our memory didn't serve us well, there were several shortut tracks and we took the wrong one which lead us to a something entirely opposite from nature. By accident we stumbled across what appeared to be a prostitution den, bangla doesn't satisfy from drinking and cooking huh, they do have "needs" after all.

Shocking, there's more than meets
the eye in the forest

Sex Den Sexposed

President Suite for you sir

I understand that it might be exciting to enjoy in the outdoor with the accompany of mosquito and crickets calling. But can you imagine doing it in a horrible condition like this ? As long as they get the job done, they don't really care about the location, appearance and even gender.

Gay caught in the act !

How many tons of dried semen
are we talking about here

Opened but unused
They decided on raw is war ?

Mosquito repellent is vital


Feeling utterly disgusted, we moved on to our primary objective after spending much time CSI-ing the sex den. Without a map and a compass, we were like lost sheep in the jungle. The itchiness from the bites were becoming almost unbearable, keeping ourself in motion was probably the only way to fend off from more attacks.


Oh no really going to holland

Spa pool

Finally there is light at the end of tunnel, 45 minutes spent in the forest feeding the mosquitoes is not a good experience. At the end of the day we were too tired to carry on any further and therefore have to postpone our field trip to next week. Shortcut does not work on every occasion, sometimes it's best to stay straight and follow the path.


We will be back next week
Hope things won't go wrong again.

Temporary solution until my
camera gets repaired


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