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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

14th : A New Day Begins Just Like Yesterday

I had the honour to celebrate valentine day with 3 little charming angels in my room. A trivial question, how do you address your cousin's daughter ? For simplicity call them by name or young cousins, but the official term is first cousins once removed which is far too cumbersome to use in casual speech.

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Then it was another "tragic" celebration over at mingfei house but who cares we had fun ! Most importantly of all was getting a red packet from his parents, that's the only thing we look most forward to, no honey got money haha.

Undergrad supervisor @ turf club, undergrad engineer @ MNC, Food Chemist @ MNC
Executive @ LTA, Undergrad @ RMIT, Lecturer @ ITE
Either our standard is set too high or something wrong with us...
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Any similarity from the above picture ?
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Temporary IR set up
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Are you whining away simply because you feel lonely on the valentine day ? Fret not, you are not the only one i'm pretty sure about it =) Merchants are thinking of thousand and one way to gope your lui on this day, why "spend" the extra mile and make they laugh all the way to the bank. I can foresee that many will be digging their ang bao money to treat their date candle light dinner and overpriced flowers which eventually will wither anyway, can make tea with the tea leaves ? Being romantic doesn't mean have to splurge on gifts or exotic dinner, it can be a walk on the beach spending real quality time together, low budget doesn't mean no standard ok ?

Whatever the case is good luck have fun to those already in 甜蜜蜜, to those singles, have a little faith ok ? 明年会更好 !


Jim Carrey and co show you how to hook up girls

Shake it like Tay Ping Hui !

14th also friendship day wah ...

Tomorrow secluded carpark will be crowded
Expect bangballs action over many areas in midnight

Heh enjoy your date, i myself have an appointment tomorrow evening as well, not the sort of you would think !


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