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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Insensitive New Age Girl

Out of topic abit, my favourite drama show is coming to an end. What will happen to TPY and LNX ? You guys shall wait until Monday 9pm heh heh ...

Is she going to get thrown down ???

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Lately there has not been any new exciting discovery to share with you guys, you see Singapore is such a small island with so little highlights that can classified as quintessentially unique. At the rate of exploring i'm going, very soon i would not find Singapore a fun place to stay and might jolly well travel to Batam in pursue for alternative ermm sexperience.

In order to keep this blog alive when there's no sightings to be blog, something must be scoop up from my brain, anything that's whacky or even kinky to suit my target audience. If only this blog is as simple as the rest in the universe, then i would not have a hard time thinking of the possible topics to be upload as i am not a professional writer by nature. It's not rare these days to see well known bloggers giving up on writing. Enjoy while it last, there is not such thing as doing it forever, the future is hard for us to see ... hey sara sara ...

In attempt to rescue this dying blog space (when death is nearing you could sense it), i shall have a go on writing the topic Insensitive New Age Girl.

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In my 23 years of living i have come across a few girls whom i have never understood, neither does the rest of the people. Normal people have the EQ of 100, i rate Bifang and Anna higher than those of average, unfortunately for some wretched souls they are just merely inches close to be label as spastic.

Genes is an important factor of development of a human
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Words from the doctor AKA 大哥 is true, we can't blame their parents for the upbringing. If yourself don't help yourself then your life is screwed. I just feel sorry that many of their youthful years are wasted, the amount of money contributed to education not from their pocket. Wasted is because they either drop out of school or fail tons of modules, that's like paying double wasting twice the time to complete the course.

Here is 2 classic examples to relate the story better

1) Insensitive New Age Girl
I get to know this girl for almost a decade, from close friend to someone who i steer clear away from. A series of incident led to the whole lot condemning her, it's cruel but that's how serious we were pissed by her. Fancy making casual comments without considering others people feeling, behave like a princess who refuse to help in clearing junks when everybody else was doing it. My friend kindly sent her home and she actually found it troublesome to cross the road and requested to do a U turn. Oh ya she doesn't even bother to bring her wallet out at times and expect to treat her, still want us to drive her around the whole Singapore to sample good dish ? Fat Hope ! ...too many ill examples to list.

Till today she still regard us as friends when whole lot shun her like a scary monster with big boobs. Bimbotic you call it, today she has little friends to count on, of which actually how many are true friends or just a friend in name. Pathetic career, failure in education, lack of social skills, it aint gonna get you far in life, good luck.

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2) Insensitive New Age Girl 2
An abstract from my friend, cannot say who lah

... And so she walked into class, taking a seat all by herself. This was a common scenario for her, although sometimes, she might sit beside someone else, be it someone she knew, or someone she did not. Whatever the case may be, she was all alone. Such irony indeed, for can u be surrounded by people and still be lonely?

But you see, her story is a long, complicated one. Those who do not know her well enough, might be perplexed as to how is it that such a sweet, innocent looking lady, be a victim to such cruel fate. Does appearance really play such a big role that affects other people's displacement towards her? Is she really a poor, misunderstood soul who is merely a little angel who has good intentions towards the people she knows and trusts, even though her words and actions may often times seem contradictory? Or is she a succubus in disguise, making use of her cute charm to make other feeble-minded souls fall under her spell, and do her bidding for her?

Many questions indeed. And in time to come, many of them will be answered. However, for the time being, one can't help but ponder as to what exactly is going on in that head of her's, whether she is fully aware of such gossip and stares directed towards her, but just acting oblivious to it all, or is she really that block-headed and totally clueless regarding such things. Perhaps it is somewhere in between. For now, only she knows ...

There could have examples like shallow/promiscuous girl but i'm just gonna leave them out of the picture for the time being. I sincerely wish them to find a husband who drives a lambo, a dream of many girls wish for.

For love or for money ?
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drums roll ..... the ans is ...
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Like many ex bloggers, my days are numbered ... Shoot rubbish while the blog is still alive ! This time it's for real, i will quit blogging anytime soon, don't ask me to stay and post the food i had, the movies i caught, the people i hang out with, the places i went, the girlfriend i kissed, etc etc etc ... GO READ XMM BLOG RAH LOL !

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As promised for the kinky one's


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