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Saturday, November 24, 2007

@ Old Airport Road

The highly anticipated food blog by uncle ah seng is finally up. To help him draw first blood for his food review, i organized a makan outing to one of the best kept secret food paradise in singapore. Many times i heard Old Airport Road hawker but have no idea how the place look like, why is it named as airport road, obviously as the name suggested, kallang airport existed in that area from 1937-1955 according to wikipedia. The current Old Airport road food centre was actually built on a runway so that's how it got it's name.

Compare to other places like Chomp Chomp, Newton Circus, Lau Pat Sa etc ... this place is seriously underrated. What i mean is that not many would have the idea to come here because it's not as well known as other famous food centre ( to me at least ). Only after i read about the renovation the hawker centre did i know such gem exist. It's one of the few rare hawker where all renown stall consolidated here, the best rojak, wanton mee, prawn mee, char kuay teow etc .. you will definitely be spoilt for choice when you dine here, best is come with few friends so can sample everybody's dish heh ...

It's not going to look like the new T3 after renovation.

Typical layout of a hawker
11pm, most of the stalls were closed

We were here for a mission, to taste the famous char kuay teow and review on it. There were 2 stalls selling char kuay teow and were situated directly each other, however their taste differs largely so they have their own fan group.

The battle of char kuay teow

The battle begins !
Tuck in !

Finally yp was able to join us after
an advance booking made by me.

I swear that the Lucky Cook Food Char Kuay Teow was so good that i purposely positioned the plate nearest to me so i could enjoy more of it while the rest were sampling the others. The unique sweet sauce caught my taste bud weakness, it will be a plate of char kuay teow to remember for a period.
Read all the food reviews by ah seng @ Life of a cooking bachelor
Please be aware that his food review may be subjective, you may or may not like his style of writing, love him or hate it, it's an obsession. By the way Kudos to seng for actually using the term RTF as recommend to food, it could mean something else in another forum if you know ...

After dinner was self guided tour
@ red light district.
p.s : Seng please don't talk so much in the car, sometimes a moment of silence would be appreciated.

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