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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fish A Prawn

There seems to be more and more fishing village popping up in Singapore to cater to people who have too much time and money yet do not know what do in the night. Instead of fishing fishes in the pond, you get to fish juicy live prawns as your light supper unless you are really good at it or the prawns love you (your hook). Easy as it might seems, it requires concentration, judgment and a little luck to get a catch as the rod does not provide any feedback like fishing. It's no wonder more of such places are opening up as it's sure win money for the operators, no matter how lucky/skillful you are, the number of prawns you catch surely cant justify for the money you pay. Paying for the thrills more like it, can you imagine my excitement when i caught my first prawn ? Very pricey indeed, it not the sort of activity i would get engaged every week, maybe once in a couple months.

My friends were stunned by my action when i took this blur image while waiting to do a right turn to Sin Ming road, is that a law on no taking of photos during driving ?

One of the ponds in the compound

Expensive, 3 person share 1 also xiong
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Not many people are quite aware of this new "hobby" as most of the fishing village are situated in Wu lu places that requires your own transport for convenience. It may be so addictive that you forget about the time and misses the last train, means more prawning till dawn or take cab.

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TJH : i am a stone, i do not move, i take my time, i let him come closer
i have only 1 bait, i aim at his mouth, i do not tremble and i pull.
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Seldom do i see the aunties opposite us got their rewards, for $30 you could buy yourself a whole basket of prawns but then no fun right?

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"Lobster" on the hook !
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For the 1st 20 minutes it was frustrating without a single catch, immediately made an emergency phone call to my prawn expert friend because i'm quite clueless on it.

Tip1: hook a smaller bait so that the prawn won't bite and run, more likely to get hooked.
Tip2: Observe the little ball float, when it sinks a little means something is pulling your hook.
Tip3: Adjust the length of wire according to the depth of water, i'm still not sure about this.
Tip4: No need to throw so far, prawn like to hang around the wall ?
Tip5: Based on your gut feeling, pull up and you never know you might get lucky.

Consider not bad for 1st timer, next time i aim at least 15 prawns with our accumulated experience combine with my expert friend !

Counted 8 prawns only !
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BBQ on the spot
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A taste of your own catch !
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"Quotes" from million dollar ministers
Driving in Singapore is really become a luxury for the riches, minister even dare to say ERP is to help Singaporeans to afford cars... I don't see any reason of increasing ERP to $5 in any relationship to car ownership.

"The use of ERP to manage traffic has made it possible for more Singaporeans to own cars than we otherwise could, and our vehicle population has grown from 680,000 in 1997 to 800,000 in 2006," he added."
-Transport Minister Lee

More and more off peak car on road because car ownership is expensive.

"This morning driving out of town I was watching the trains going down into town, along the CTE, every carriage was packed and I think we need to improve the public transport system and we have some ideas what can be done. But at the same time we need to keep the roads free flowing. And there're no easy ways to improve the road traffic it means painful measures like the ERP and COE and we've to do more with them."

CTE can see MRT meh ? All i see is a massive carpark... MRT goes into tunnel from Bishan so from where can CTE see MRT ?

Just for laugh

Look like an ordinary coupon
You can still find means to save money by cutting little cost here and there, like zhng your petrol needle go JB pump petrol. Another way of saving money is not to buy season parking, park at highest level of multi storey carpark so that the wardens would go up and check. My friend father even resort to folding coupons just to cheat season parking, many months and so far so good, salute him !

More than meets the eye

Valued Steak At Sembawang Cottage

Some people have been asking me about the $9.90 steak i had in Yishun. It was one of the decent meals i had recently, no service charge and gst, above average food at an affordable price, what more to ask for ? Hurry and try their food while it's still around because it doesn't seem to attract much customers in that kind of location. A few chinese restaurants and a french cuisine folded business before that so hopefully they can survive a little while longer to satisfy my cravings for steak without going to Aston.

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$9.90 steak with 2 side dishes that you can choose from.
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Baby ribs, power !
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200gram of sirloin steak in medium rare
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Lately have been busy working and doing projects, resultant in falling sick due to lack of sleep. Turf club need me to work because university students applied leave to prepare for exams, never mind late night come home do project loh. Month of November will busy, next month gotta have more off days so i can go out for more exploration date etc ...

Other than programming i gotta crack cipher text as well.

Bifang in unglamorous posture after chionging project.
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Horse racing tip behind toilet doors ! Not zhun one !
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Targetting a large lcd screen for my christmas present, with my own money of course !
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That's all i want to say, it's raining heavily outside now, have a good night rest !


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