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Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Hazel, Flowers I Take

Hazel was sleeping so she didn't answer to the delivery man, the lovely bouquet of flower ended up at my house instead. They were much more beautiful compared to the one i gave to "you know who lah" ... Sorry to borrow them to take photos =D
By the way Hazel is my neighbour who live next door to me, she should be turning 20 this year and attached to a navy boyfriend.

Saturday will be a long day, going to have dinner at Miss Clarity cafe at Thomson follow by dunno what activites. Sunday morning to beach road eat dunno what traditional Kaya toast bread featured on tv, my mum suggest one, usually i don't trust commercial reviews but being a filial son okay loh. Check back for my food reviews if they are good, yucky food don't deserve to be blog.


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