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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

DIY Housepour Spirits

Ah seng invited me over to his house to sample his own invented housepour, on the house. Not the kind of usual alcoholic beverage we were expecting, he made something that consisted of several ingredients. Ingredients that include milk, eggs, cream,sugar, honeywine and vanilla flavouring. Mixing up everything nicely will give you something that's rich and creamy call Eggnog, a popular drink more commonly associated with ang moh countries like North America or Australia. Children can have the eggnog without adding liquors while those who preferred alcoholic can mix it with various spirits like rum, brandy or whisky for the extra kick.

In other countries eggnog are sold in their supermarkets, maybe you can try your luck at the Angmoh supermarket at raffles city, else it's best to DIY.

Looks good, smells fragrance, but the taste was a little disappointing. The proportion of ingredients wasn't perfect, the honeywine overpowered everything despite we added the remaining milk to dilute it. Too sweet for our liking, perhaps a few drops of brandy would be nice, gulping this down was even easy for children ... There were egg white residue when i was finishing the last few drops, he didn't use a blender to mix i guess.

Slimy texture looked like some fluid obtained from ermm ... horse ?

It was said that this delicious drink provides you the energy for whatever activities you engaged in the night, it did give us the extra vitality in the midnight to ...

watch discovery channel !!!

Attempt to cam whore like girls but seriously i think we all suck at it. How do girls take 100 consecutive self portrait shots of themselves without getting numbed face or cramped hand ? As far as i can remember it was my first time taking self portrait with 2 guys without the help from somebody/timer/tripod ... maybe we feel it's more comfortable taking pics with girls instead.


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