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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wah You Read My Blog

It's astounding how blogging connects to you to world of deception (internet lah), it could be anybody, your friends, enemies, secret admirer or the girl next door. Recently a girl friend of mine popped me a message through msn - "HDB princess" ... then she went on... I don't etc ... this ... that ... denying everything that a princess would do. I didn't accuse you of being one so don't act so sensitive ok ? Although she described herself as stubborn, egoistic, pampered and competitive as stated in her blog, she's actually a sweet ( can be spicy at times) petite girl, every girl has a little princess in them.

It didn't work out for us (oh god that was like donkey years) as we always have a different view on things. Until today if the 2 of us meet up( just meetup, not a date), inevitably the conversation would end up into some sparking debate session, then she would fire chim chim english vocabulary to daze me. Haha those were the days, and we haven't change a bit huh ?
Never mind about all this, it just crossed my mind that having a spicy relationship can be healthy and fun too.

Gangster girl is my idol.

Go on to the next topic.
Looking at the friends around me, almost nobody writes a blog except for a few minority who obviously are girls. When i asked the guys "Oi go and write a blog leh, always read mine not fair leh", their replies are " ahya nothing interesting to write one lah, so boring..." . Why lead a boring life stay at home play game when you have the option to choose. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl. Once you enter the working society, you will have even less time and energy for extra circular activities.

Even a lau zha bor has a blog.
Had a short chat with her, she's friendly lah.
Why xiaxue wanna flame her ?

Life's not fair, why disgusting bloggers
can appear on TV

I'm supposed to write on a trip to an orchid garden but ended with this senseless stuff. And many stuff couldn't be posted because i know she's reading it, my friends, neighbors, classmates anyone ... sooner or later i shall enforce sort of password encryption thing to protect highly confidential post, maybe government secrets or 不能说的秘密

The lack of update is also due to treats and tricks from friends, it's a shame that i can't remember most of your birthday except those who i helped to celebrate every year.

The next topic Orchidville- 吃吃飯﹐採採花 will be right up, stay tuned for it.


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