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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Last Dinner

Ever since i destroyed my computer with my own hands, i seem to lost my mood for creative blogging. After all i'm just a casual blogger in the universe unlike the chicken pie blogger xiaxue who stirred so much controversy with each post she made. Life has been rather plain with my projects piling up, my adventures have to be delay for the moment.

Still i'm excited over my new dual core processor, a amd AM2 X4000, a bit like supporting the opposition party. Has been using AMD processor since yr 2000, no choice AMD is for those who's on a tight budget. My total damage merely $470 for a new set up, DIY of course !
But i have no regrets, great stuff at an affordable price not like Intel Inside Idiot Outside.

I'm having sour grapes because i don't have money to buy intel.

Running an onboard graphics means i have no excuse to play games when i'm tired of projects. So don't ask me what games i'm playing now as currently i have none except my rusty PS2.

Best played with a projector
Favourite game winning 11 !

Back to the topic, my very dear friend weiwen came back Australia for a short holiday. This 2 weeks has been going out with the gang for makan activities. Tonight is the last dinner we had with him before he leaves and we won't be seeing him for the next 1 year.

The very famous Taste Of Thailand shifted from sembawang shopping centre to opp sapphire condo due to renovation. Excellent food at an unbeatable price, friendly boss always automatic give discount ! Total Damage only $53, cheap quality food where to find !


Wow first time sexposing so many of us which i usually don't do so. See you at the airport tomorrow, who's turn to have sand in their eyes now ?


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