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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Pinky Doll

Surprisingly won a pair of tickets for the National Day Parade. Not going to watch so i gave it to my sister in exchange for a little sponsorship for my new toy. Tormented by the hot sun just to wait for the world's richest prata man to arrive, maybe sit @ home watch tv would be a better choice. Or find a good spot at marina bay to watch the short lived fireworks ?

A new camera for ghost hunting and other miscellaneous purposes. All the while i'm using my bro canon ixus, sis casio exilim, vinc panasonic, seng olympus/fujifilm and my own Sony K750i. Finally going to own a decent Samsung Digital Camera, after all i can't rely on my handphone camera all the time especially in poor lightning condition.

Comes with everything i need, memory card, tripod, battery kit, screen protector at an amazing price !

Pinky Dolls
Introducing my new models, the pinky dolls. Adorable and pretty, they are made of very high quality plastic. Kinda weird for a guy to play dolls with detachable limbs and body parts isn't it.

At the badminton court

It's so windy that i have to press her down

My badminton khakis, relle is the photographer

Anybody wanna play dolls with me ?


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