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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Continue from where i left, mrt picture again.

Dear mr nelson actually called me in the night jio me go and watch the movie. So sorry about busy with projects and stuff, ended up having prata session at 12 midnight to celebrate da ge ORD lolx. Seems like nobody is appreciating spider lilies, commenting on the female lead actress figure and others ... This shall be my first ever R21 show i'm gonna to watch.

Spider Lilies ! (It's R21) !

Local version of spider lilies !

Spider lilies is the new term for lesbian. Not long ago it was broke back mountain, now it's the female version. Seems like the movie will be officially release on 14th June, gonna catch it real soon.

this is so bloody gay

Put the incident behind us ! Everybody let's score full marks for exam !!!


YAHOO ?!!!!

Last Paper on Friday, paradise is just ahead !!!


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