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Monday, April 23, 2007

Budget Value Steaks

Ever after since the daunting experience at New York New York (not once but twice), i have been extremely cautious in selecting a restaurant to dine in. The most frustrating thing is that when you spend money on food that doesn't justify, it really ruins your day and your pocket.

Chicago Steak house is another American theme inspired restaurant (same like New York New York). Actually only the restaurant name suggested so, the design of the restaurant is simple. Anyway the reason for here is for the steak, don't expect much from anything else. It's not a ideal place for dating too because of the loud RnB music played. Fancy some "phuture" dinning experience ? Group of guys don't mind, in fact i find the non stop megamix RnB enjoyable. Perhaps it's what it keeps the certain race of servers to be motivated to work ... Service wise i can say it's not excellent but acceptable, is it so funny to laugh at 4 guys ordering the same entree ($9.90) ?

This is what you get for a $9.90 sirloin steak (7 ounce) with pepper sauce. Top up another $2.90 for soup, garlic bread and soft drinks.

My favorite is to done it at medium rare. Excellent tender texture, juicy slabs of meat which are air flown in from New Zealand. Sirloin steak may not be the best part of a cattle but it does live it up to our expectation. If you know how to appreciate steaks can try ribeye or tenderloin, to us it really makes not much of a difference except the price.

The cow head on the hotplate.

Sexpose my friends.

And myself with lalala

The awards ...

Total damage is $15 per person after including extra charges, therefore i'm recommending this affordable place that serve mouthwatering steaks to "poor" students like us.
Chicago Steakhouse
#01-03, Cineleisure Orchard

Will be exploring an unknown cemetery this few days, watch out for the upcoming field report.


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