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Friday, March 30, 2007

Jurong Bird Park

Some pictures captured by handphone because i never bring along a digital camera ... Pictures do the talking ... I think i'm a very careless person, umbrella never bring, camera never bring, food never bring, give present also forget to take out the receipt ... :O

End of my school holiday, attended the first lecture and it was freaking boring. Especially without the accompany of 2 of my good friend yp and pf. So not used to having a big class and a ang moh lecturer teaching, guess will be having a tough time again this time round.

Receive sms invitation from my friend to chiong/explore place again. Another idea is to design a punk t-shirt and out to punk ppl put on blog. Crazy fellow i must say but upz for his ego... inspired by strictlytechno ?

Anyway thx to all bro's for the concern, esp to that person called me in the evening gave me a solid solid scolding :)


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