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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Adam FC

Everytime while on my way to school, the low rise circular building will catch my attention, Adam Food Centre. It does look like another version of the Newton Circle from the exterior, but we have no idea what kind of delights are they selling.

The carpark is small

Located at bukit timah road, we call this the rich man hawker centre. There is not a single HDB around here so most of the people drive from their landed property nearby or other parts of Singapore. Is it really worth coming all the way here to eat ? Maybe geylang or changi will be a better place...

$4 Char Lway Teow
Little serving with overdosed of black sauce

$4 muttaba
Filled with chicken breast meat that was soggy

Hello where's my $2 cuttlefish ?
Rojak and sauce sold seperately.

The only thing that's worth coming for is check out the fruit stall xmm, yp type ;p

This place serve one of the best food around sinapore.

$20 beef hor fun.
Very meaty !
Downside is added too much pepper.

Not forgetting the SYT "LE"
that caught everybody's attention

Must pick 小绿 ok ? Because she's so cute !!! She will provide a free service for you !!!