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Thursday, March 08, 2007

MadJack Cafe And Renald's Strudel

After a painful experience of botak jones food, our hunt for budget value western food continues. Cheap food does not only exist in neighborhood area, you can find it in the land of riches too, Bukit Timah Road. Introducing Mad Jack Cafe, situated along Bukit Timah Road before Coronation Plaza, it's one cafe with big sign board you can't missed.

2 of my friends who helped me to furbish my room deserve a little treat from me, so i choosed this budget place so that i will not burn a hole in my pocket. They serve typical western food at reasonable price, ranging from $6.90 to $15 for a premium dish.

High ceiling makes this place even more spacious. In house sitting
capacity is around 30 pax.

Xbox game available for customers of madjack !

First course cheesy fries, topped with generous cheese and mayonnaise. Fantastic, even sinner than KFC fries. The size of fries is bigger than KFC, dipped with warm cheese, suddenly the atmosphere was so quiet because 3 of us were busy digging the fries.

$4.50 worthy !
Up next was their signature dish which is money back guarantee by the shop, fish and chip( cheap). Erm the presentation doesn't look appealing at at, curly fish and chip looked pale in contrast with the fries. Though the colour may not look nice but the fish was fresh. The meat was tender and soft but lack any flavour.

$6.90 fresh and cheap
Blackpepper Chicken Chop ! The blackpepper sause is what makes this dish distinctively unique because chicken chop is the same everywhere. The taste of pepper sause is light, brings out the fragrant without been too spicy, highly recommended.

$7.90 blackpepper chicken chop
Yet again chicken chop but in cream sauce flavor, nothing much to comment because my mouth was already filled with blackpepper sauce, this one is for those who can't take spicy food.

Lastly the mad rich chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. It was a huge disappointment because it was not served CHILLED ! How can you eat a cake that is of room temperature ! Secondly the waiter forgot to serve with ice ceam and we had to remind him to do so, never apologised somemore. The chocolate layer was not thick and the texture of sponge cake was terribly.

$5.30 down the drain.

BUY SELL XCHANGE Boyfriend girlfriend
Husband and wife !
Above average food with reasonable price, recommended for alternative dinning experience besides restaurant in shopping center. No need to pay service charge also !

After a short digestion scroll in Coronation Centre looking at st st margaret xmm, we walked another 50M for a second round of dessert. Apple strudel is 1 great food that should be available at neighborhood area, so we don't have to go to ulu place to eat one.

The fragile sugar coated crust breaks at the slightest cut. Multi layer Filled with cream, diced mango and i don't know how to described anymore.

See for yourself, in my opinion taste better than Ritz Apple Strudel. Very fresh, light and yummy !
$3.50 standard price for a regular slice. The boss knew we were up to something when we were poking the strudel inside outside and taking photographs. He must have know we were sampling the food, fancy 3 guys sharing 1 slice of strudel -.-

When we bought 2 half strudel for da bao, he gave us 15% discount, maybe he wanted me to give good reviews on his strudel.
$11.50 discounted to $10. Apple,peach,mango, strawberry and DURIAN !!!

Alot of xmm from the nearby elite school hangs around here, you may want to get lucky with one of the rich xmm here, we are too old for that unfortunately.

Ok better go back to my revision, exam just around the corner !
Are you feeling hungry ?


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