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Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year Thoughts

Chinese new year again, the same old routine for families to get together, asking how are you doing , studying or serving ns, same old question always every year. As i grow older, the pressure is piling on me, relatives keep asking me where's my girlfriend, am i gay or what -.- I promised them next year i will bring her along and make sure they prepare 2 shares of red packet for us (:

If you still want somemore ang bao can visit one of the geylang joints and declare you are first time lolx. Screenshot from the movie "Money No Enough"

Another zodiac prediction for rats taken from my workplace. Seems like 2007 signals a great year for singles, i wish it is true because it never came true for a long time already.

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Lots of people have been asking what am i working as, my workplace can smoke,drink, gamble and only allow 18 and above. Can you guess where is it ?

Wishing you a happy chinese new year gong xi fa cai, tomorrow gotta work again because the pay is very attractive, i'm getting a big fat pay check next month :)


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