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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Old Changi Hospital

SINGAPORE: The former Changi General Hospital site is getting a new lease of life.

Its next incarnation is going to be a spa-cum-resort, after a S$20 million makeover.

In recent times, the 70-year-old state building has been used for on-location shoots of local drama series and theatrical productions.

It has even been the haunt of paranormal investigators and school children out for a thrill or two.

But the developers hope to change all that.

While the place may look a little rundown right now, by this time next year, developers hope to have turned it into a chic spa-cum-resort.

Sharing a few pictures i taken from my ghost hunting achieve which was never posted. Been to OCH for around 4 times with different group of friends, the most thrilling experience was when only 4 of us went. Heard some funny noise but that didnt't deter us from marching on...

Where bodies are placed and left to drain off bloods.


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