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Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Bizarre Hit n Run Accident

Last night was the epic battle between Singapore and Malaysia, initially the plan was to watch it live at the stadium. The tickets were selling like hot cakes since Friday, by Saturday noon the 55000 tickets were all grabbed, no choice had to settle @ my usual coffeeshop at my neighborhood.

Plasma screen @ coffeeshop

A car parked in front of me (parallel) was leaving halfway during the match, i monitor his reversing skill in case he kiss my car. Well he did successfully to drive off without damaging my car but what happened the next moment was astonishing.

Suddenly a loud bang was heard, the red saloon car crashed into the multistory car park that stunned everyone else ! The driver didn't bother to check his damage and drove off quickly to avoid embarrassment. How could he bang the wall when the road is so wide and straight, uncles suggested it was a case of drink and drive accident.

I joined the uncles to investigate the scene. Leaving behind the scene was a bumper and some shattered glass.

It was proudly displayed beside the coffeeshop awaiting for the driver to come back to claim his "prize" possession, he never came back.

From me n my friends observation, there were 3 people in the culprit car, 2 guys and a lady in mid twenties. They were having steamboat for dinner but we didn't see any beer bottles on the table. What caused the crash ? Perhaps the lady passenger was tickling the driver or he doesn't have a license, which explained why he scurried immediately.

One of the suspect came back to the scene to investigate but she's too embarrassed to own up. Now the bumper lies faithfully at the lamp pole, buy 4D anyone ? New car leh SGP plate, he must be feeling the pinch ! OUCH !


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