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Monday, January 08, 2007

@ Jalan Kayu

Jalan Kayu is a place famous for selling Roti Prata, imagine it's like the muhammad sultan street all line up with clubs but substitute with Prata house. The standard of the prata has drop drastically over the decade so it's not worth driving there all the way to eat anymore, i would rather take a scroll to my neighbourhood coffeeshop friendly prata man for it's plain Kosong.

Recently a new soya bean stall was set up in the midst of prata house, selegie soya bean surely reminds you of the best soya bean in town, the rochor canal soya bean opposite selegie complex.

Don't be fool that this is the original Rochor Canal Soya bean although the name Selegie suggests so. Looking at the branch names printed on the plastic bowls, commonwealth, marine parade, where is the familiar Rochor Beancurd ?

The characteristics of such "branded" bean curd is that it's silky smooth and melts in your mouth instantly without chewing, clearly distinguish itself from the bean curd that you bought from your friendly wet market. The selegie beancurd loses slightly on it's softness/silkyness compared to it's rochor counterpart otherwise priced @ $1 per big bowl, we really can't find anymore fault.

Choose from the good o plain beancurd to wide range of variety combinations, with pearls, coconut sugar, longan, grassjelly etc ...

Initial D AE86 Van
On the way we saw this van parked outside of a tire shop. AE86 trueno i have seen enough of it, a owner lives the same block with my grandmother and i saw him couple of times washing his car in broad day light, but this van ... hmmm... ok lah i know the name of this van owner and he stays in yishun however i don't know him in person lolx. For those who stay outside of yishun, this pictures are for your reference =)


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