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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Botak Jones @ AMK

Lessons are getting really bored, my classmates even resort to playing games to pass time. The module system development can be classified as the most uninteresting subjects throughout my learning journey. So what if you pay attention to his lesson, who the hell would understand all the crappy theories which we don't even quite sure how to apply in real life. I think my grades will go down after scoring relatively good grades last semester. Come to think of it, grades ain't that important anyway, it's about how much you earn when you start working. So let's live life today like there's no tomorrow !

Play games caught by me Muhahaha

PSP competition in class

Today got a bit of spare time so headed down to Botak Jones at AMK that sells authentic American food at coffeeshop price. Let's check it out whether it's worth the money or not !

Orders for fish n chip arrived around 10 minutes later, not bad as the fries and fish was served hot...

$5.50 fish n chip (dory). The outside is fried crispy but the colour suggest that the oil haven't been change for sometime (not golden). The meat is thin and it's crispy but a bit tasteless. You have to dip the sauce to get the most out of it but that almost make it no difference from ordinary kopitiam chip. Not recommended by me unless you prefer plain o jane which won't go wrong. Anyway i don't like !

Review the fries, it's topped with some spicy seasoning which kinda look hot n spicy. They serve large potion of it so it's good news for fries lover. How to describe the taste, just freshly fried fries, slightly spicy flavour, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside... not bad !

2nd dish of the day, Cajun chicken $6.50

Took 20 minutes before the food arrived. Marinated chicken breast meat top with cheese and sauce, lettuce, coleslaw and a mountain of fries.

solid solid breast meat

As expected, breast meat is not tender at all, it's like compressed meat which is a bit hard to chew on. Taste wise it was much better than the fish n chip, as least marinated chicken got taste lah. You know when we go BBQ, those marinated meat made by danli ... that's my thought for my first bite.

The coleslaw was sliced instead of diced ( compare to kfc). Pretty fresh and juicy ... by the time we finished our main course, there was no more room for the vegetables. Next time must whack side dish first before attacking the meat.

See how much left over !!! One don't eat fries and vegetables, the other lady with small appetite... i'm also darn full, barely finishing up the food ... After reading my review, still wanna try out botak jones ? Worth a try but no revisit for me unless special occasion because i can get the same food else where.


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