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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


It's been a long time since i sat down in the middle of the night and blog. Blogging can actually be completed in less than 5 mins if you cut short the story and go straight to the point, never mind the broken english and grammar mistakes. That is why strictlyeuro is opened, simple updates, short stories, sub standard english, now i'm busy with projects and more projects, all are super high level difficulty monster. Actually i have lots of idea to blog, but implementation is another thing, therefore i gladly welcome any articles from friends who wish to post here ( 1 is on the way, "hazards of drinking").

Back to the topic, last week me and my friends visited jillyn house. Upon reaching the void deck we were greeted by this notice.

This guy is really unlucky to get involved with loansharks indirectly.

When we entered jill house, we were greeted with another notice again. Reads, Sorry, no maid @ Home SELF - SERVICE ON SALE !! Signed. A gentle reminder to everyone, don't treat your mum as a maid ok ? If you really insist on hiring a maid but can't afford one, i got lobang for you !

Cosafe a new maid concept cafe might just be the place suitable for those who loves maid, cute ones. Located at CHIJMES, do expect the damages to be a little high, hopefully the maid service will make up for it. Take your pick, there are total of 17 maids working for the cafe.

If all else fail, you have to look somewhere for better quality, Japan !

In the future i guess i will just post more pictures and write less. until the revival of Strictlytechno, which in the meanwhile i'm collecting resources/ideas for 2nd season =)


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