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Saturday, January 20, 2007

@ Sembawang Drive Through Mac

In yishun area there is only 1 drive through mac that is located opposite of Khatib camp. Twice i went there to order meals, saw something rather unusual ...

The first picture taken in the day, while i was making orders through the speaker, my friend beside me asked to take a look at the car plate.


OMG, he dare to put the wordings on the car plate ? Salute him man, wonder what's his wife reaction to that haha. Come on girls don't take us for a ride, driving is actually very tiring one ok ? The next picture was taken in the night for supper ...

Something's wrong

Spotted anything ? Ok bigger picture next !

Why upside down one ?

Erm if it's spell from right to left i can still understand ( think ambulance ). Upside down ? No idea why it is like that ! Hungry hungry, time to order mcdelivery =)


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