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Monday, January 29, 2007

@ Yangtze Pearl Centre

Who has not been to Pearl Centre at Chinatown before ? Upon mentioning Pearl Centre or Chinatown, usually we (or just me ?) would think of PRC chicks, old retired uncles lingering, secluded massage parlours, cheap bargains (CK department etc...). The misconception is only half correct because there are other colourful things which you can't discover in orchard road.

Probably the only cinema that hangs hand drawn movie poster, do you feel like back to the 80's ? The cinema only screen RA movies so you can see alot of old man hanging around there because they don't know pornography is easily available in the internet.

How on earth do you determine it's a good movie or not since there are no reviews on 8 days or Life! Judge by the movie title and the pictures loh, the most erotic one should have higher box office.

One of the interesting sight is near the entrance of the cinema, there is a illicit massage parlour with girls showing half balls touting for "business". For those who cannot afford the special service, there's a toilet opposite that stinks like rotten egg to let uncles DIY (i assumed). By the way i haven't watched any pure RA movie before, so don't ask me how was the show :D

No money to watch movies ? Never mind still got alternative choice ! Stand in line like this uncles do, squat down to make yourself comfortable if you like.

And enjoy the free show !
Come experience it at chinatown, perhaps you might just find something you need.


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