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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Farewell to 2 Friends

Following Mingfei departure to East Timor, 2 of my friends are leaving for Australia to pursue their dreams in doing Digital Arts. A farewell BBQ was held at bullion park to have fun with them for the very last time. The pictures were taken with intention to create humour and homosexual, anyway once you guys leave on Friday we wouldn't have the chance to gay for 3 years.

Special gift to ww !!

Special gift to johnson !!

Gay pic 1

Gay pic 2

Gay pic 3

Understand the rationale behind this picture ?

Lastly with the "S.H.E"

Tonight (thursday) we shall have the last prata session together, good luck to weiwen and johnson, hope you find your pot of gold in Canberra.

By the way they took part in my previous ghost hunting before so i consider them part of my euro techno go team ^^

weiwen, me, ah seng, yongping.

Alright more updates coming, probably on Valentine day or public transport :-)


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