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Monday, February 12, 2007

Vday Is Every Bachelor Nightmare

To date or not to date is the question for every eligible bachelor out there. Is valentine day such an important occasion to call for a day to celebrate ? For steady couples in my opinion, optional. However it provides a great opportunity to those singles out there to propose to their love one's. They may not want to pop the golden question due to "risk factors". To spend such a day with love one's is already a dream to come true though it is a short lived one. Cherish every moment you have with your special one, you may regret when the day she says bye bye to you.

Every day can be valentine day, 14th Feb is the day when price of roses are rocket sky high. With some neat handicraft skills, you can make your own roses too. My fellow female classmates make great origami rose and i'm gonna pick up the skill. Sadly i won't be making for my love one now, at least for the time being :(

Cheapo Foolscape prototype sample

Take your chance now, she's not gonna change her mind at the altar. Open your mouth and ask, any delay is your own loss. Those who watched "The Peak" should know the story right ? Sad ....

Relax it's not the end of the world, life still goes on =)
Suffer a setback ? Bounce back loh !

OMG what why am i posting so many lame pictures, the spirit of Strictlytechno is taunting me.
Ok guys go get yourself a hot date on vday, good luck have fun.

What about me ? Ermm , read on thursday to find out more loh !

PS : Must be the burning sensation from the hair dye that prompted me to post such nonsense.


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