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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gay and SM Queen

My classmate is really one talented guy to draw all this using paint. I just can't stop laughing because it's like almost 80% look alike. Better not post the author of the pictures else he will invite troubles.

This picture is about a classmate whom we suspected is a gay, no hard evidence yet but the conversation and friendster profile suggested so. In the mean time we will monitor the situation and confront him if necessary. Kinda look like la pi siao xin grown up version don't you think so ?

Lub chiu dip dipz ...

We have a female lecturer who is in her thirties. Short hair, wears specs and always dressed like in the picture. Her favorite student is kelvin because she always like to ask him to answer questions in lecture. Although picture is exaggerated, she's actually a very kind lecturer who knows how to conduct proper lecture compared to japit.

There are actually some more to be written but i forgotten all after doing my assignment. Till then next update on Sunday, I'm addicted to writing rubbish in broken english now muahahha


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