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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First Movie Of The Year

Today just watched the first movie for year 2007 or pig year. Was deciding between Norbit, Just Follow Law and Ghost Rider, finally settled on Ghost Rider since there was objection for the other 2 movies.

The movie is starring Nicholas Cage so my expectation for this movie is quite high since he's my favorite blockbuster idol. However this movie doesn't live up to my expectation because of poor storyline and lack of action. I can't even find peace to sleep in the cinema because the sound from the bikes are so loud. Spent $7 to come to the cinema to listen to vroom vroom vroom and
watch fire effects, heng never watch yesterday save me $2.50.

Prison Break is simply the best, some say it's better than sex. Never fails to leave you high and dry at the end of each episode, leaving you begging for more. Latest episode 17 is out, available at a Bukit Timah near you... (BT lah)

A peek of the life inside the prison, where all hells break loose.

Oops, see the difference ?
Why i always seem to forget lots of ideas when i'm about to write, now gotta do my assignments which have been idling for 1 week already ...


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