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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Exam Coming

Just finished my last lesson for this semester, school has been fun and enjoyable with the accompany of the gang. Out of nowhere i gotten myself a wife, a daughter and a son, what 年代 is this already still wanna play 家家酒, think still in secondary school is it ?

Secondary school days were insane !

After been together for the past 6 months you all should already know me quite well, so today i will write something to disclose more about myself. Sounds uninteresting but since the page is already loaded so don't waste your bandwidth and carry on reading.

1. Let's date back to secondary school days. There was 1 day while walking from khatib to Yishun after school ended, me, daniel yam & yongfu did something foolish. We kicked a rubber ball up to the MRT track and the incoming train horned lol. Then we did another attempt and the ball landed on the track and bounced off. Yam picked up the ball and had a mild electrocuted ! Has any man attempted on this before ?

2. Me and my cousin used to watched S league in the late 90's. There was a match we invaded pitch after the final whistle and attacked the referee (cos kelong mah). I was holding a plastic bottle and my cousin grabbed a brick and threw. Of course a dozen of ppl were chionging as well.
Luckily there was no casualties or else ... police tighten the security ever after that incident.

Don't arrest us, we were young then !
Felicia Chin Bankai !

3. The craziest thing i ever did is cycle from yishun to changi and back. Journey starts from 6pm evening till 7 am next morning, i almost want to die ... Sounds easy but very shag !

4. I'm the proud final owner of the legendary GT (mongoose) bicycle ! Although it may look like an ordinary cheap metal but it has alot of sentimental value to me, as well to the ex owners.

5. I only listen to techno therefore the term strictly techno. My dream is to become a techno dj ah beng so next week i'm going for clubstudio recruitment. 跟你说又不懂,带你去又太远. Bad news DJ KyLe gonna retire in april.

6. On my last day of poly, i approached girl for her number. After exchanging a few sms, she popped the golden question " wanna go out on a double date ? " I ish really tio owned deep dipz. Failure is the mother of all success.

7. I own a credit card, a supplementary one obviously. Please do not expose me anymore in front of the cute waitress, i already kena at AMK new york new york.

8. I never use a comb that's why my hair is always standing, don't ask me if i have just woken up.

Not to his standard yet ~

9. I am left footed (soccer) and right handed (table tennis). Ok quite bo liao .

10. 2 of my best friends are oversea now and i miss them so much ! One is my chillout/shopping khaki and the other is my prata/explore/ahem* buddy.

Farewell gift from ww, i wasn't even
at the airport to send you :(

As for the rest no need to type out here you guys should jolly know lah, please refrain from tagging anything that is confidential tsk tsk...

Guess i won't be continuing to blog in strictlytechno or even this column soon if i pick up remixing. ok enjoy your sunday, i'm going to sentosa with xiao mei mei X 3 !


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