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Friday, March 16, 2007

Exams Over !

Will do a little update about my plans for term break. I know some people keep on peeping over here, tsk tsk, bro's n sister out there please update your blog as well !

Alright gotta prepare to go to work, which horse will win tonight punter way 30th cup ? It's $125,000 prize money at stake we are talking about lolx, anyway i believe 99% of my friends have zero knowledge on horse racing, don't even mention of coming to turf club !

One more thing as i blog, i am beginning to lose my sense of direction. What's the objectives of strictlyeuro ? I really don't know lolx. The revival of strictlytechno seems impossible due to time constraint and etc ... 13 more days to 1 year blogging anniversary !

Off to work/viewhorse running !


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