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Friday, March 09, 2007

Clubstudio Interview Review

Attended the Cubstudio recruitment held at cineleisure level 9 and the response was pretty good. Met up freezex, xiaoiiben and friend first before going up, saw a few xdd around there and they turned up to be interested participants too.

Shortly Fussy-X and leviro showed up but the interview can't be conducted until Illuriouz arrived. Finally after waiting for an hour or so the big boss showed up and we began to introduce ourselves.

Illuriouz asked everyone why do we wanna learn remixing, the answers were pretty much standard, interest, nice to listen, improve own standard etc ... as for me i wanna spread out and extend remix music to more people out there. He also explained how a remix should go about, the style, implementation and software requirements.

There were a total of 12 "students" from club-xtacies and, 3 Clubstudio DJ will do the coaching.

Illuriouz - xiaoiiben, benjamin and kross
Fussy-X - 5 secondary school boys ... don't quite know them
Leviro - Me, Freezex, Jabroni and a sec 3 guy (wei chao ?)

Basic skill like beat match and vocal will be taught first, if progress is good then we will go into looping etc. Mastering these 2 skills can consider as passing the first test, after which i think we will have to produce better remix and let the DJ's to judge. Or maybe the students will be taking part in the coming Clubstudio competition.

Nice meeting fussy-x, leviro, illuriouz and screwy, some of the dj MIA like roy,mini-g, lazarus, k-boy.

Looking forward to next week remixing tutorial by DJ Leviro, sianz still got exam coming up zzz...

Here are a few songs demostrating the power of remixing by local DJ.
ClubStudio_Dolce_Marmellata_-_Domenicer_(ClubStudio's Leviro Remix).mp3
[ClubStudio] D-Tune - Dangerous Stranger [ClubStudio's Fussy-X & Leviro UnderGround Project].mp3


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