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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Holiday Do What ?

Gotta cherish this 2 week term break because we deserved it ! Rushing project the last 2 days before date of submission, we managed to pull it off the last minute.

From night ...

Till zzz ...

Exams ? A day before the 2nd paper i was revising during work. Some people are very fortunate because they don't have to work part time job yet got money to buy branded goods, computer, dine at restaurant, i prefer to earn it myself. Sometimes gotta skip lecture to report for work too, luckily got Lawrence accompanied me skip lecture so won't be that embarrass haha.

Revision @ work too !

There are mainly 2 things i'm planning for this break. To practice remixing and produced a song in the next holiday, the other is back to weights training after slacking for half a year even since ORD. Going to spend lots of money on food food n food ... Of course there are other plans as well but that would be rated as top secret. I bet most of my friends would be slacking all the way in their holidays haha ... not many of them got a job either.

why my hair stand so tall ?

Guess this place ?

Not in any mood to do write up for the moment, unless i become a full time online journalist for wo bao (mypapers). Those days in strictlytechno was fun, but now i lack the motivation.


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