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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Extraordinary Night

Lately there's so much things happen around us that caused me to lose my mood to blog creatively. Last night was a night for everybody to remember for their rest of their life, a simple outing to the secret place of Singapore went wrong. A valuable experience that most of the people won't get it, i don't know whether it should be call lucky or unlucky.

Sorry can't reveal too much as it might invite unnecessary trouble, it's not something proud to brag about too. Nevertheless we guys put up a pretty good fight considering almost zero injuries, always practice safely first. Glad that all of us have a cool head to think through how to react that the kind of situation.

A group photo taken @ 4.15am yawnzzz..

This holiday has been a roller coaster ride for me, always attempting something that's new and exciting. Now i look forward to the peaceful routine school life, too much excitement and fear is not a good for long period.

Apologize to those who asked me out to meet up, usually friday saturday sunday i'm not free due to work commitment, but when school starts i will try to cut down on work.

Murphy Law : If anything can go wrong, it will


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